Can 2 People Sleep in a 3 Feet Wide Sleeping Bag?

Yes, two people can sleep in a 3 feet wide bag IF they are both small-bodied and if they are both kids. A 3 feet wide sleeping bag would hardly be comfortable for two adults. You may wonder, though, what’s the size of a sleeping bag? Are there sleeping bags that allow two people to sleep at once? Find answers to these questions in this article.

What Is The Size Of The Sleeping Bags?

Knowing the size of a sleeping bag before you buy one is important. If you need a sleeping bag that allows two individuals at once, you’d have to consider the measurements of sleeping bags. 


Did you know that different lengths of sleeping bags are made for men and women? It makes sense because generally, men are taller than women. Sleeping bags have variations in size depending on whether the bag is for males or females. 

Men’s Sleeping Bag Size

Sleeping bags for men are made in two different sizes; regular size and long size. The regular-sized bags are 6 feet in length. It is considered that most men are within this height. A 6 feet bag will fit perfectly for any man who’s below six feet in height. 

The long bag is up to 6 feet 6 inches long. This is preferable if you are 6 feet in height or more. This allows for wriggle room. And since most people fold into a fetal position in the middle of sleep, being 6 feet and some inches isn’t a problem with this length of the bag. 

Women’s Sleeping Bag Size

Women also have sleeping bags in regular and long sizes. Regular length sleeping bags for women are usually 5 feet 4 inches long since most women are about this height. 

Long bags usually come in 5 feet 10 inches lengths. The occasional tall woman would find this length quite comfortable. Women who are above this length would usually buy men’s Sleeping bags. The bags don’t know if you are male or female, after all. 

There are no universal hard and fast rules for these measurements. Some brands have even longer or shorter lengths. And styles also defer from one brand to the other. 


Next, consider the width of the bag. Brands would mostly specify the width or girth measured in the shoulder area. Men’s bags feature shoulder girths of 60 inches and 64 inches. This is about 5 feet in circumference. Most men would find this quite comfortable. And a 64-inch provides enough room to wriggle around happily. 

Note that, two grown men would find it impossible to fit in a bag of this width. 

The girth of women’s bags is 56 to 60 inches. This is about 5 feet of circumference around your body. This is narrower than what you have on men’s bags. 

Can two women sleep in a bag this size? Definitely not. Except they are toddlers. Trying to fit two grown women into a bag of this size will tear it apart. 

Hip Width 

You also need to check the width around your hip area. Many bags for men will have a hip width of approximately 58 inches. 

Women’s width will be around 60 inches, wider than men’s own. Since bags are usually made to take the form of a human, like the mummy designs, it is expected that women’s widths will be wider. 

These little details are important to note when you want to buy sleeping bags. For example, it’s clear at this point that it is impossible for two people to sleep in a bag with a 3 feet circumference. 

Overall, the best method for buying a sleeping bag is to test it. Get into that bag and lay in it for a moment. 

The Hood 

Not all sleeping bags come with hoods. But if you want a sleeping bag with one, you should make sure as you test the bag that the hood covers you comfortably. You must be able to turn your head in every direction. Your head must not feel cramped into your neck when the hood is over your head. 

If you apply all these factors in your search for a sleeping bag, you won’t have the need to share a sleeping bag. 

How Do You Know A Bag That Fits You? 

Check the specification on the tag for size and fit. You can measure the girth of your own shoulder so you can make comparisons before purchase. 

Another way to determine the bag is your size is to get inside it. Check for comfort as you wriggle around in it, both around your shoulder and down at your feet. 

While inside, check to make sure that there are at least two inches of space between outstretched feet and the bottom of the bag. If you are someone who tosses around in your sleep, you need to make sure to buy a bag that’s roomier than most. Also, if you get uncomfortable in a restricted space, or you are claustrophobic, you also need a very roomy bag. 

Are There Bags For Two People?

Yes, there are sleeping bags designed to contain two people. Bags for two people are usually rectangular shaped. Some even come with pillows and can be separated into two bags. Double sleeping bags have up to 61 inches in the width and 90 inches in length. The excess length and breadth help to compensate for both men and women users. This means a man and woman can sleep in one of these double bags. 

When buying a double bag, check the temperature of the place you are visiting. If the temperature in that location is high, you may have to consider if you need a double bag. The reason is that double bags have less air circulation in them than single bags. 

You will also need to consider the base for the bag. If you are sleeping in a caravan, this isn’t much of a problem. But if not, you have to think about getting enough flat space to lay your bag. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have learned that a 3 feet wide sleeping bag is too small for two people to sleep in. Only toddlers can manage to do this. For adults, you should either get a female or male sleeping bag. Another option is buying double sleeping bags which can comfortably contain two couples. If you are going camping or hiking, you can carry a couple of double bags if you are going with a group. You can do this if you don’t mind the added little weight. 

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