Can My 6 Month Old Sleep In A Sleeping Bag At Night? 

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you wait until your baby is at least 3 months old before transitioning to a sleeping bag. But why should you wait till this time? What does a baby’s sleeping bag look like? What are the reasons you should use a sleeping bag? Learn all these in this article. 

What’s A Baby’s Sleeping Bag? 

A baby’s sleeping bag is virtually the same as an adult’s sleeping bag. The difference is the subtle variation in size and design, and of course, the baby that sleeps in it. Also, baby’s sleeping bags are usually designed with more emphasis on aesthetics than adult bags. Most bags are designed with a mix of colors; pink, blue, or yellow, all happy colors that set off the baby’s room, giving it a fresh feel and look. You will find different designs based on the brand. But generally, they are designed like blankets that wrap around the baby’s body up to the neck. Most would have zippers that run the length of the front with a clip at the neck area. 

The Best Time for Baby to Use a Sleeping Bag

Many parents wonder when it’s best for their baby to use a sleeping bag. And rightly so. The fear is, the baby is incapable of controlling its body like an adult. They wonder if the baby would be safe in the bag and not choke. 

It is recommended that babies can use sleeping bags when they are at least 3 months old. 

Why Wait Till This Time? 

The answer lies in the way a baby’s body reacts at sleep in the months before this time. 

Newborns experience what is called the Moro reflex, or startle reflex. Babies throw their heads back, extending their hands and legs when they are startled by sudden loud sounds or noise. This is the Moro reflex. This reflex also happens when they are about to fall asleep. In this case, it is not a noise interference. While trying to sleep a baby can feel as if he or she is falling and or will jerk out of sleep. 

In this stage, a sleeping bag will limit these natural reactions. This phenomenon begins to fade at 3 months old. This is why it is recommended that you wait till then before using a sleeping bag for your baby. 

What Are the Reasons You Should Use a Sleeping Bag for Your Baby?

There are sufficient reasons to prove that using a sleeping bag for your baby is safe and ideal. Below are reasons for using a sleeping bag: 

1. It Keeps Your Baby Warm

Sleeping bags for babies have a special design that fits around the baby’s body making it comfy. The baby is guaranteed warmth all night long. 

2. It Keeps the Baby Safe

Your baby’s safety is guaranteed. Loose beddings are a danger to babies while they sleep. It is recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics that you should avoid having loose blankets around a baby when they sleep as this puts them at risk of SID (Sudden Infant Death). With a sleeping bag snugly around your baby, this risk is canceled. 

3. It Prevents Your Baby from Climbing out Of the Bed

An active baby can climb out of his or her cot while you are asleep. This may expose them to danger and injuries if they fall. When they are secured in their sleeping bag this risk is also eliminated effectively. 

4. Sleeping Bags Helps Babies Fall Asleep Faster

Since the bag is cozy, and the baby is warm all over, he or she falls asleep faster. Which is a good thing for both the baby and you. The faster your baby falls asleep, the earlier you can turn in and wake up too. 

5. It Helps Build a Consistent Sleep Time for The Baby

There will come a time when all you need to do is to put your baby in the sleeping bag and off he or she goes to sleep almost instantly. This is because the baby becomes accustomed to the warmth of the sleeping bag and looks forward to it. It helps create a pattern you and the baby can rely on to achieve bedtime punctuality. 

6. It Encourages Uninterrupted Sleep

There’s nothing many parents want more than a baby that enjoys his or her sleep till morning. It can be stressful to have to wake up to help your baby get back to sleep, sometimes more than once in the middle of the night. With a sleeping bag, this problem is solved. You can expect that your baby is in for the long haul every time you tuck her in. 

7. You Have No Need for Blankets

Investing in blankets is not on your agenda for your baby when you use a sleeping bag. This way you cut costs. 

Sleeping bags constitutes an important part of your baby’s development if used at the right time. Once your baby associates sleep with the sleeping bag, you have solved your nighttime issues by half. Even while on trips, you can pack your baby’s sleeping bag along. It will not matter where the baby is, he or she will fall asleep in the sleeping bag as soon as you tuck her in. 

How to Choose a Baby’s Sleeping Bag

When choosing a baby’s sleeping bag, consider the following factors:


Chose a bag that ensures your baby is safe all night. This means picking a size, texture, and design that you are sure best suits your baby. Consider if you want your baby to still be able to wriggle around in his bed. There are bags that allow this. 


Check the TOG rating of the bag before buying it. This is the Thermal Overall Grade (TOG). The higher the rating, the warmer your baby would be in it. And the lower the rating, the cooler it would be. You can decide the one to choose to consider your climate and the general temperature of your home. 


Choosing a sleeping bag for your baby must take some forethought and deep consideration. Your baby isn’t necessarily like your neighbor’s baby. Hence, it is important to make the decision for a sleeping bag by determining what your baby loves. Some babies don’t like their feet tucked when they sleep. If this is what you have noticed with your baby, then you should purchase a bag that doesn’t restrict the feet. You can tell a baby that would not love his feet tucked by how he reacts to a blanket. 

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