White Gas For Camp Stoves

Yes, you can get white gas for camp stoves from most gas stations in the US. Also, you may consider using white gas if you have a multi-fuel stove that uses LPG, butane, or propane. White gas is sometimes more expensive than regular types of gas so be prepared to push a little more dollars across the counter for it. In this article, we will talk about what white gas is, its difference from regular gas, its uses, its benefits of white gas and the different brands to buy. 

Where Does White Gas Come From

White gas is derived from petroleum. It is a clear liquid and is also called Coleman fuel because the company Coleman Company Inc, which is now known as Newell Brands popularized white gas. 

White Gas For Camp Stoves

It is a gaseous fuel that is distilled from petroleum, but with no additives, unlike gasoline. Its composition includes cyclohexane, octane, pentane, heptane, and nonane. 

It used to be made for cars and vehicles in the heydays of unleaded fuel. But most White gas brands have begun to make them with additives. White gas is now popular among backpackers and hikers who need it for stoves and lanterns. 

In room temperature, white gas remains in liquid form. And this is what makes it ideal for outdoor camping. 

What Is The Difference Between White Gas And Regular Gas? 

White gas may serve the same functions as other gasses but it’s different from them. Knowing the difference can save you money and prevent dangerous outcomes. The differences are: 

  • White gas is sold in one-gallon tins unlike other types of gas that you buy at the pump
  • Unlike gasoline, white gas contains no additives
  • It can be carried around in backpacks by campers. It is inadvisable to carry gasoline this way
  • White gas can be used in gas lamps, lanterns, and camp stoves. Using gasoline this way is extremely dangerous
  • White gas is a more refined version of gasoline
  • White gas doesn’t oxidize as fast as gasoline. Consequently, it doesn’t form gums or cruds that cause obstructions in plugs or parts of stoves
  • White gas has a lower density and vapor pressure
  • The flames from white gas are cleaner than other gasses. It produces less smoke
  • White gas is not suitable for car engines because of the low octane which is where gasoline is better
  • White gas is more expensive than gasoline 
  • White gas lights faster burns brighter, and resists winds better

What Are The Uses Of White Gas?

It is important to know what you can use white gas for and what to avoid. Since we have established that there’s a difference between it and gasoline, what can you use white gas for? 

For Lamps, Camp Stoves 

White gas is a go-to for campers who go on long-distance hiking. They need to cook, make coffee, and heat water to wash with. They often pack with them small-sized lamps and stoves for this purpose. 

Packing gasoline is unwise for them. The properties of white gas make it the best choice. Because it burns at a lower temperature while emitting a low odor, campers prefer it. 


Fire dancers use white gas because it is safer than more volatile gasoline. Besides, gasoline contains additives that are very harmful to health. White gas is cleaner. It is difficult to ignite white gas by mistake, unlike gasoline. 

In the past white gas was primarily used in cars. Your car has to be modified at the time for it to run on white gas though. Cars today use gasoline because the additives in gasoline are important for the smooth running of vehicle engines. 

The Benefits Of White Gas Over Other Fuels

If you are wondering why you should choose white gas, here are the benefits. 

Best in the cold

For campers who are considering going on trips at high altitudes, white gas is the best for heating and cooking purposes. White gas will function properly in extremely cold temperatures because the stove comes with a pressure stabilizer that keeps the supply on while in use. 

They Encourage Eco-friendly Use

If you opt for canisters while on trips, there’s a chance you’d be needing several which you discard along your trip one after the other. This contributes to the ecological issues the world now battles. With white gas, this is not so because they are refillable. 

Also white gas doesn’t smoke as much, and it doesn’t leave many residues like other types of fuel. This contributes to a clean package of gear and the environment. 

Less Weight To Carry

Campers are usually concerned about the weight of their gear. White gas stoves indeed weigh more than canister stoves, but in colder altitudes, the amount of white gas needed is reduced which means you don’t have to carry much of it in the end. 

Brands Of White Gas

The plethora of brands makes things easier for everyone. Today you can find different brands of white gas in the market. You can make a choice based on your personal needs and budget. The following are some of the best white gas brands: 

MSR Superfuel 

The MSR brand is one of the best white fuel brands. It focuses on performance and providing a cleaner burning. It also reduces clogs and the number of required maintenance. MSR Superfuel comes in 1-kilogram containers. 

Crown White Gas Camp Fuel

This is another brand that produces white gas in a can for gasoline stoves and lanterns. It is specifically formulated for outdoor use. This brand adds inhibitors to prevent rust and corrosion. This brand is ideal for campers who need to be gone for long and at high altitudes too. 


White gas has become synonymous with Coleman fuel in some countries of the world. As this article has shown, they are the same products. Before making a purchase you should make sure your stove is specifically modified for the use of white gas. Follow instructions on products that contain flammable liquids to prevent burns. 

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