Can You Hang A Hammock At Camps On Isle Royale?

Yes, you can, but you have to do it in the places designated for hammocks. According to the rules of Isle Royale, you can’t set up a hammock in the shelters. 

Every national park in the country has rules that campers must adhere to. These rules enable a smooth run of operations at the park and also ensure the safety of campers. In this article, you will learn about the isle royale, the rules for campers, and the safe use of hammocks. 

The Isle Royale National Park

This American park was established in 1940. It comprises Isle Royale and over 400 other small islands, including the waters of Lake Superior. The park is in Keweenaw county in the state of Michigan.

It is the 7th least visited park in America, with only 25,798 visitors in 2018. It is a favorite place for backpackers, paddlers, divers, and boaters. If you are on Isle Royale, what are the accommodation options?

Lodging In Isle Royale

As already highlighted, each park in the United states has its own rules for campers. These rules are formulated to suit the particular needs of the park. Isle Royale is a wilderness and the authorities try to maintain this status. For this reason, they have the following rules for lodging.


You are allowed to move from one campground to another every day if you want and sleep as you go. You can make this journey by paddling through the waters or by hiking. Whatever suits you. We would suggest hiking if you are fit for it. This allows you to witness and enjoy the beauty of the wild plants, trees, and general terrain. 

Base camping 

Setting up a Basecamp that you can return to after each day of exploration is one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy lodging in Isle Royale. This allows you to carry less in your backpack when you explore. You can go farther and see more. Also, this allows you some of the luxuries of home cooking when you get back to your camp. You might also be able to hammock if you are not lodging in a shelter. You have to find suitable trees for this ( more on hammocks later).


You can lodge in a boat. If your interest is in seeing as much of the lake waters, you can cruise along the waters and tie up at a dock at night to sleep. 


Finally, you can check into any of the lodges in Isle Royale. Rock harbor lodge is one of the places you can lodge at. It is located in northwestern Lake Superior. It is surrounded by plenty of trees. There are also the Windigo camper cabins, which are at the southwest end of the national park. Like the whole Isle Royale itself, you have to access Windigo by boating services. There are trees around Windigo cabins too. 

Can You Hammock At Windigo or Rock Harbor Lodge? 

According to the information found on the Facebook page of Isle Royale National Park, you can use Hammock in the existing impacted areas of the designated tent sites, and not around the surrounding trees. They highlight the following instructions: 

You can’t hang hammocks at shelter sites or inside the shelters. 

You should apply caution when choosing trees to hang your hammock, as some trees are not strong enough to hold trees. Also, be careful not to damage trees.

It is possible not to find locations for hanging hammocks, so come with ground back-ups like a tent or pad. And there will be other people who would like to hang hammocks too. This may cause a scarcity of space.

On their Facebook comments, some who have visited Isle Royale National Park advise not to use birch trees to hang your hammock. They say those trees aren’t strong enough. The strict rules about hammocks are certain to avoid accidents. 

Hammock Safety

If you happen to find a spot on Isle Royale for hanging a hammock, you will be looking forward to enjoying a nice nap, and probably reading a book before falling asleep. At night, you may want to gaze at the stars. You may not envisage an accident. Follow these precautions for safety with the hammock

  • Avoid young, thin, or dead trees 
  • Inspect for broken branches that hang on
  • Don’t jump into your hammock when getting in and don’t jump out either
  • Learn how to get into your hammock by slowly sitting and letting your weight spread into it
  • Don’t jump or bounce while in the hammock
  • Make sure to get the tautness of your hammock right. One that is too tight is likely to flip over and spill its occupant. Let your hammock have some sag. It is easier to get in and out of it this way.
  • If you have young ones with you, avoid allowing them to use rope or too large hammocks. Always supervise them around hammocks. 
  • Don’t hang hammocks higher than 2 feet off the ground so that kids can get out and into the hammock easily.  

One of the dangers of using hammocks in a secluded area is strangulation. People can get trapped in it and lose their lives if they are alone and don’t get help on time. So avoid using a hammock when alone. 


Isle Royale National Park is seldom visited by people, so you may likely find a great place to hang your hammock in the designated places for them. But we are not saying you should count on it. After reading this article, lovers of hammocks would want to visit the park. If you follow the instructions and the rules of the park, you will enjoy your visit thoroughly. Also, do not forget to check your hammock for holes, UV fading, and other damages that may cause injuries. 

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