People Go Camping Without Their Phone

Why Do Some People Go Camping Without Their Phone

Camping is one of those things that most people take for granted. They drive to the campsite, pack their tent and belongings, and head towards their favorite areas. One of the things you will find on almost all campsites is a phone charging station. And one of the most common questions is…. why do some people go camping without their phone? Let find out why?

However, this is an interesting phenomenon: we use our phones so much we tend to forget that they’re actually not part of our lives. No matter where we go, they’re usually with us—they’re our lifeline, whether we’re lost in the woods, at the beach, or at home. When we’re not there, the phone is our constant companion, the great equalizer and communication device

As for me, one of the main reasons I do leave my phone behind is that, in most campsites, there is no cell phone service, I leave it in the car. You can’t do anything with it except maybe if you are a gamer, you just play games. So I turn it off and put it in the car, where I can make calls and check on family if we go down the valley to cell phone coverage.

Everyone loves the idea of staying in their tent without having to carry a phone. There’s something about the idea of taking time out to reconnect with Mother Nature, and a phone just isn’t necessary.

But in real life—especially if you’re going camping—if you don’t have to go with your phone, because you can’t access the internet, you can’t check your email, update your social media, be in contact with family, or even find a place to plug in your phone charger in most campsite.

People Go Camping Without Their Phone

Limited Coverage In The Middle Of Nowhere

I’ve always been fascinated by the quiet, slow pace of life in the great outdoors. There is a certain freedom and relaxation that comes with being away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

But, there are some people who choose to live this type of lifestyle. As you may know, for a majority of the camping, there is no coverage in the middle of nowhere.

It is, because most people don’t camp in middle of the woods (unless it is a special circumstances). We are, however, guilty of it, but only to a certain extent. If we could, we would have carried our smartphones all the way to the campsite.

But, of course, we don’t have that luxury. So, when we go camping, we have to find a way to survive without the phone. So, we have to think of some tricks. Some work, some don’t, but it’s all worth putting some effort in.

Often It’s Just A Distraction

If you ask me, there’s no question that checking your smartphone every 8-30 minutes is a distraction. Carrying around your phone is likely to make you more stressed, potentially more self-conscious, and less able to enjoy the experience of being outside and away from your phone. This is a great example of a distraction from the purpose that you came to enjoy.

You might find yourself on your phone and not even realizing it, until you get back home and realize how you lost sight of what you came for in the first place! When you go camping, you often want to relax by reading, watching a movie or playing games on your phone.

All these activities are not only unproductive, but they also get in the way of enjoying nature and taking a break from the worries of the city, so why do some people go camping without their phone?


In summary, we go camping because it’s a way to get back to our roots. To be away from the TV and internet, camping is a great chance to go back to the basics of being social.

People often say that the best way to get to know a person is to go camping with them. let me be clear that I’m not saying you can’t have fun without a phone.

In fact, in my opinion, you can’t have fun without a phone. However, if you choose to go camping without your phone, you need to make sure you have a backup plan.

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